Walking the Wood

We at Lydia’s House are soaking up the beauty that is the Norwood community! Our neighbors, those who worship and work here, and those just passing through all contribute to the growing, changing heart of our city. A big thank you to all who made this event possible and who walked with us despite the cold. We are excited to continue to Walk the Wood. Join us next time: upcoming dates are April 18, May 16, and June 20 all at 1:30pm at Norwood Middle School.

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Work Day

Thank you to the groups that helped us prepare our yards for Spring! It was tough work, and these folks were out in the rain (and thankfully, later the sun) chopping, weeding, shoveling, you name it. A special shout out to the men of the Xavier Center for Faith and Justice, Xavier Navigators, Common Ground, and the St. Monica-St. George Confirmation group.

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Community Forum Recap

Thank you to all who participated in the community forum last week! It was a great opportunity to hear stories of a wide variety of those who live, work, worship, spend money, and raise children in Norwood.

We heard from community leaders planned the event and have been working hard organizing citizens, praying, naming the challenges, and planning next steps. Attendees had the opportunity to break into small groups for sharing their own experiences and visions for the future of the city. We also shared food and conversation after the event, and many participants decided to commit to further action by joining advocacy committees that will continue to meet and work with institutions such as the School District and Police Department.

Police Chief Kramer presented a five point plan for improving race relations and accountability, including forming a Citizens’ Advisory Council (if you’re interested in joining the task force please email wkramer@norwoodpolice.org or see the Norwood Police Department Facebook page for more information).

The next event sponsored by A New Day in Norwood will be Walk the Wood, an opportunity to walk together with others in the city in support of envisioning a better Norwood! See the flier below for more details.

walkwood final

Volunteer Spotlight: Juli Thompson

Juli Thompson, a professional photographer, has been a friend of our ministry since our earliest days. As we were getting started she shot the first photo shoot of “before” pictures from our house before the renovation,
2013-06-02 22.30.462013-06-02 22.34.15
she’s photographed events for us,
the final photo shoot of 2024 Mills,
JB-LH-214a JB-LH-228a
and once we opened she told us “I’d love to take pictures of your guests.” Of course, we’ve taken her up on the offer.
JB-TAFFANY-1 IMG_0449 IMG_0640
Juli’s contribution to our work is a great example of a volunteer using her specific gifts to make life at Lydia’s House richer and more joyful. Each time a guest gets her pictures, she exclaims over them.  As Dorothy Day was fond of saying, “The world will be saved by beauty.” Juli has helped us celebrate, again and again, the beauty that surrounds us.

By the way, Juli didn’t ask us to promote her, but we can say she’s a great photographer. If you’re looking for someone please check out her website! http://www.juliannaboehm.com/