Live-In Homeless Advocate

We are a community of strong women committed to living lives of Christian service alongside those experiencing homelessness. Daily we set the table with cloth napkins and engraved napkin rings for those in our community, always ready to add a place at the table for a former guest family who stops by. We enjoy being with current and former guests, playing with their children in the backyard and in the living room after dinner concludes. We are present for guests during significant events, offering a pastoral presence during childbirth, emergency room visits, and after a bad day of work. We prioritize celebrating the accomplishments and lives of those within our community, especially with ringing bells in someone’s honor and (delicious and beautiful!) decorated cakes. We look forward to orienting times of prayer with one another, trusting God (and a lot of hard work) to make changes in the lives of the families we serve.


Reflections From Former Live-In Homeless Advocates: 

“Lydia’s House was an incubator of knowledge and wisdom in my life…. I loved learning people’s stories with depth and complexity and seeing the progress as they worked on things and grew. I watched their growth and also noticed growth within myself as I was able to take time to work on myself.” – Stephanie

“Lydia’s House has become a family to me over the past year. A place where women support women to be our authentic selves, to heal, to set and achieve goals, and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves – a real community…. Life here is chaotic, full and beautiful.” – Elisa

“I came to Lydia’s House after working at an emergency overnight shelter for a year. At the shelter, I sat behind a physical and metaphorical desk and created many barriers between myself and the people I ‘served.’ At Lydia’s House, I learned the incredible, soul-healing value of breaking down that wall. I learned how a community serves itself and each member of it’s extended family, creating something holy and radical, rather than a business transaction. Weeding and scrubbing side-by-side reoriented my former ideas of status, slowly chipping away at my false internalized notions of what makes a person valuable (spoiler alert: we all are). The time I spent investing in home and love as a live-in homeless advocate continues to guide my actions, reminds me why I continue to build relationships with those I once would have built a wall around, and why I fight for justice so that we have a society that doesn’t build walls at all.”             – Rachel

Applications are currently being accepted for a February 2019 start.

For more information or to apply by sending your resume, contact Mary Ellen at

Offering safe, stable and supportive housing to women and children in crisis and transition in the Greater Cincinnati region

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