Let them Hear Your Voice

Almost every day there are reports of new ways our elected officials are making the lives of poor women harder as they struggle to find affordable housing, living wage work, childcare, education, and healthcare. Many of us at Lydia’s House have been frequent callers to the state and D.C. offices of our senators and representatives in the last weeks. With the daily calls we are getting increasingly familiar with the answering staffers: “Hey! It’s me again! Just calling back to urge you not to gut healthcare for millions of vulnerable women and children. Also, it’s really important to me that our senator doesn’t

After The Election

  From the Lydia’s House Community, co-authored by Marykate Glenn and Mary Ellen Mitchell Leading up to and following the election, we’ve been unsettled by the story of Zacchaeus from the Bible; unsettled recognizing in the character of Zacchaeus his modern day equivalents around us. As a tax collector Zacchaeus was notorious for extorting money from the poor on behalf of the Roman Empire. In Zacchaeus we see those who today believe they can profit from ever growing militarization, mass incarceration, destruction of natural resources, and on and on. Zacchaeus was also a Jewish man who turned against his own people

International Women’s Day at Xavier

On March 15th, members of the Lydia’s House community attended the International Women’s Day event at Xavier University, which featured a dinner, panel, and discussion on “Building from the Ground Up: Examining Women’s Roles in Collaborative Partnerships & Community Building.” We were glad to be able to buy a table to support the event at Xavier.  We were especially enthusiastic about this event because two of our community members were featured on the panel: Sylvia Chemweno, our summer intern from last summer, and Quanita Roberson, our house counselor. We’ve long been supported by many organizations at XU, and value our

Advent Begins!

Since Advent began this week, Lydia’s House has started our Advent calendar. Each night at dinner we light the Advent candle and have a brief reading or reflection that helps us prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas. Other days we have fun Christmas crafts or activities. We are inviting anyone who is interested to join us, either from their home, or in person for one of the activities (which are listed in bold)! Click below to download the full Lydia’s House calendar.