Who we serve

Guests are typically referred to Lydia’s House by a partner agency, but may also self refer through norwoodhome.org.  

Rooms are typically available about once a month. When we have a room available, the process takes between 48 hours and 10 days from application to move in. If you need emergency shelter tonight, please call 381-SAFE.

If you’re able to work with our timeline please click here to learn more about our selection process (norwoodhome.org).

Here’s some information on who is a good fit for Lydia’s House:

  • Lydia’s House serves women with children. Each woman must have at least one child under age 5 or be pregnant. We give preference to women aged 18-24.
  • The average stay is 118 days, though families have stayed up to a year
  • Each family is provided a private bedroom and a shared bathroom
  • No treatment for substance abuse is provided. Women who have abused substances and have been in recovery for less than 6 months or who define themselves as in need of rehabilitation from substances are not invited to live at Lydia’s House.
  • Should guests have income, they pay rent/program fees based on income. If they have no income rent is $0.
  • Sixty days after moving into Lydia’s House, guests must be engaged in meaningful activities during the day, such as employment or schooling. Lydia’s House is a place where someone might complete a GED, complete a training program to be a home health aide, or start schooling to become a medical assistant.
  • Guests are asked to contribute to chores and cooking.
  • Lydia’s house is not a safe house. While we are able to accommodate or support women who have had trauma in their background, we cannot serve women who need an undisclosed location.

Offering safe, stable and supportive housing to women and children in crisis and transition in the Greater Cincinnati region

We are always accepting applications to live at Lydia's House. Click here to apply.APPLY HERE