Lydia’s House Retreat

This past month, many of the volunteers, guests, and extended community members of Lydia’s House were able to get together for a two-part retreat, around the theme of wholeness. One evening we all met at Vineyard Central Church, and the next Sunday we spent all day at the beautiful Transfiguration Center. The retreat included both quiet times of prayer and solitude, and group times of sharing and getting to know one another. Peg Conway led us in making mandalas; in walking the labyrinth at the Transfiguration Spirituality Center; in being creative; in contemplating what wholeness means to us, and what it means

A Day of Celebration

At Lydia’s House, there are many things to celebrate: birthdays, achievements and milestones, holidays, getting or keeping a job. On Labor day weekend, we celebrated the birthdays of two guests with a big meal outside, cake and ice cream, and a sharing of hopes for the next year. That evening also happened to be the night of the fireworks on the river downtown. We were fortunate to have a 23rd-floor office space as a spot for watching the fireworks. It was a great view of downtown, and of the fireworks, that made a great end to the evening of celebration.