What is success?

Behind every successful woman with kids is another woman By: Meridith Owensby, Lydia’s House co-director In last year’s Hulu series Mrs. America told the compelling story of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and its opposition. At the heart of this story was Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative mother of six, who organized her newsletter mailing list into a formidable advocacy outfit. Her efforts eventually served to block the passage of the ERA. One of the less praised successes of the series, however, was the acknowledgement of the existence of help, both in the form of paid staff and family support. For

A Good Use of Time?

By Mary Ellen Mitchell The Jesuit Catholic Tradition teaches that the more we embrace our humanity with all its limitations, the more our divinity is revealed. We follow in the footsteps of Jesus, both fully God and fully human. This paradox sets the stage for the tyranny of time to be a gift. Perhaps there is nothing more human than the ticking clock; the knowledge that our time on earth will end. Our finite nature seemingly raises the stakes on the choices of each day. It’s in these choices, both the mundane and the consequential, that we make a life.

Welcome Savannah!

Savannah Staten is the new maternal and child health fellow at Lydia’s House. The following is her narrative on the decision to take this position and move from her home state of North Carolina to Cincinnati for the two year commitment: From the outside, being a mother seems like being a superhero. When we think of a mother’s love, we imagine a force that can move mountains and save the world. We see mothers go above and beyond for their children. However, we seldom hear about the hardships that accompany motherhood and pregnancy specifically. During my second semester at North

Thank you for Attending and Supporting the 2021 Women for Women Event

This year’s Women for Women event was a huge success! The weather was absolutely perfect—thanks be to God! Sending a very special thanks to the generosity of those who have taken part in the Women for Women 2021 campaign. Lydia’s House has raised over $57,000 (not including incoming pledges), surpassing our goal of $50,000 to support the renovations for our newest property, 1801 Mills Ave. We are still receiving donations and are pretty sure we will raise more than $60,000 this year! The evening featured soft, beautiful performances from CCM’s Choir members: Annie Weible, Emilio Vásquez, Jarrett Hazelton, Emma Doheny, Elise

Welcome Macey!

I have relocated to Ohio from Iowa; I grew up in a small town called Clarence with a huge population of 975. Being from a small town allowed me to grow up in a supportive community and appreciate how important community life is. I have always been passionate about lending a hand or involving myself in a supportive role. Naturally leaning towards being a helper has come from the influence of community living throughout college at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I lived on campus all four years and was heavily involved in our campus community. I worked