It’s hard to believe but 2024 will be 10 years of Lydia’s House serving families with shelter and support. Please save the date for our expansion open and epic celebration: Oct 13, 2024

Here we are as babies getting this all started:

Since 2014 we’ve…

But we’re not done. Maybe we’re just getting started. So we’re launching a 10 year campaign to do some needed updates and celebrate the goodness of 10 years together. Here’s what we’ve got planned so far and how much we need to raise:

Furniture updates, replacement, aesthetic improvements and needed repairs to the original shelter: $10,000

Safety improvements to the driveway entry, fencing, garage repairs,  landscaping after the addition and a new playground for the shelter: $105,000

Renovations on 2028 Mills Ave: our new office, guest space and emergency childcare facility: $50,000

Educational space buildout in our new addition: $7,000

Daycare start up for a new daycare for our families in affordable housing: $50,000

Summer camps and special events in the summer of 2024: $8,000

Art including Stations of the Cross for our new, expanded back yard, a new mural and paint job on 1801 Mills Ave, and a 10 year anniversary book to accompany the stations:  $12,000

If you’d like to support this campaign please reach out to

Let’s build something beautiful together.