Lydia’s House serves women who are pregnant and women who have young children. The average stay is 90 days, though families have stayed up to a year. Forty-five days after moving into Lydia’s House, guests must be engaged in meaningful activities during the day, such as employment or schooling.

Within the first 30 days of a stay, guests pay $150 for a room deposit. After 90 days, guests pay $200 a month for rent, utilities, and program fees in preparation for living on their own.

Guests are typically referred to Lydia’s House by a partner agency, but may also self refer through   Rooms are typically available about once a month. When we have a room available, the process takes between 48 hours to 10 days from application to move in. If you need emergency shelter tonight, please call 381-SAFE.

If you’re able to work with our timeline please click here to learn more about our selection process (

Here’s some information on who is a good fit for Lydia’s House:

  • Lydia’s House serves women with children. Each woman must have at least one child under age 5 or be pregnant. We give preference to women aged 18-24. Due to space constraints, Lydia’s House does not serve families with more than 3 children or families with children over the age of 12.
  • Lydia’s House is a good fit for a woman who is seeking to pursue education or a training program, such as completing a GED or a program to be a home health aide, or start schooling to become a medical assistant. Women may also be seeking to obtain employment.
  • Women at Lydia’s House are open to living in community and view living alongside others as a supportive opportunity for their family and personal development.
  • Women who have abused substances and have been in recovery for less than 6 months or who define themselves as in need of rehabilitation from substances are not invited to live at Lydia’s House.
  • Lydia’s House is not a safe house. While we are able to accommodate or support women who have had trauma in their background, we cannot serve women who need an undisclosed location.