“Xavier: Men and Women for Others”

We are excited about our partnership with Xavier University and Bellarmine Chapel. We have been very fortunate to receive amazing volunteers during this COVID pandemic. Through Xavier University’s Community Engaged Fellowship with the Eigel Center, the Fellowship was established to reward incoming freshmen who excelled in service and chose engagement as part of their undergraduate experience. Recipients of the scholarship are required to perform ten hours of service each week during the course of their college careers while serving as role models for other students and promoting Jesuit ideals on campus. Annabella Collins and Jaime Misky are both Eigel Fellows

Family Camp 2021

In early July, we took a group of Lydia’s House former guests for our annual trip to Procter Episcopal Family Camp. Family camp is a great way for families to spend time together away from home. There are lots of different activities to choose from and you don’t have to worry about cooking dinner 😉. Family camp is great for multi-generational families, non traditional families and groups like us that think of ourselves as family, but aren’t actually related! Lydia’s House guests do not have to pay for Family Camp and we are thankful for the Diocese and Procter who

The Hidden Side of Volunteering

Written by weekly house duty volunteer, Joan Meyer I began volunteering at Lydia’s House through the Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC).  How wonderful, I thought!  A chance to give back in thanks for all the blessings I have received.  Well, like so many times when reality does not exactly align with our expectations, this has turned out to be yet another blessing for me!  I am the one who has so greatly benefitted from this experience. Lydia’s House was the best option for my volunteer work through the IVC because I work full-time and Lydia’s House, unlike the other places, had

Taxes, taxes, & more taxes

  Written by Meridith Owensby: In my mid-twenties, I had a vague sense that there were certain skills I needed to learn to fully realize adulthood. One of those skills was how to understand taxes. As a college student I’d paid hundreds of dollars for H&R Block to tell me how much I owed to the IRS for my scholarships, and I felt certain I could do the calculations myself if someone taught me the basics. It was on a spring day in DC that I saw the flyer advertising volunteer income tax assistance. I went to the tax clinic