Sam Learns to Drive, or Lydia’s House on Wheels

Sam loves the new van, acquired thanks to a very generous donation by Pamela Altepeter.  He couldn’t get enough of it.  If he’s getting this use out of the van, just think how much the women and children at Lydia’s House will appreciate it!   What a mighty fine van, you got there! Sam loves the van so much. Sam’s growing up so fast.  He’s already learning how to drive. He really makes the van look big, doesn’t he? We at Lydia’s House can’t wait for all the adventures the guests will have in this vehicle.  Thank you so much,

An evening at the Drop Inn Center

Last Wednesday, a group of friends and I volunteered to serve dinner at the Drop Inn Center in Cincinnati.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the organization, it is one of the largest organizations in the city serving the homeless. As the intern at Lydia’s House, I am incredibly passionate about urban poverty, and gladly welcomed the opportunity to help in whatever way I could.  Armed with previous experience at a large shelter in Chicago, I had prepared myself emotionally for the hour I would spend at the Drop Inn Center. Or so I thought. In actuality, no

Clocks Turn Back, We Look Forward to December

Daylight Saving’s has always confused me. Especially the whole “fall backward, spring forward” mnemonic device. Speaking as someone who has experienced her fair share of falling forward, particularly when roller or ice skating, I constantly mix up the sayings, which results in an overly obsessive checking and re-checking of the time to make sure that I’m not late, or later, to my appointments.   However this year, Daylight Saving’s reminded us at Lydia’s House to look forward at the upcoming months–officially moving our office to the actual Lydia’s House (hurrah!), our renovation calendar, and  preparing for our new guests. With this in