Snapshots from the Summer

So far this summer, there have been several celebrations at Lydia’s House – multiple birthdays, as well as celebrations marking important milestones. We were thrilled to ring bells and offer affirmations of belovedness, recovery and moving forward. Of course, the celebrations meant the awarding of badges, including one with a Harry Potter theme. Our long term guest hit age 22 with a bang and we gave her the honor of “prefect” for all the ways she’s helped other guests learn the ropes around here. We also celebrated Sam Eilerman’s 4th birthday with carrot cake delivered from our local farmers, Erin

Welcome, Baby Jacob

On April 16, we welcomed Jacob Walker Eilerman at 9:50am, born via emergency c-section at Mercy Hospital Anderson. He weighed 8 pounds 3 oz and was 20 ½ inches long. When Jacob is a little stronger, he’ll have a regular place at the Lydia’s House table, and for a brief moment (before our next guest has her baby in mid-May) he’s the newest member of the Lydia’s House community. For the time being, I’m taking maternity leave, which means I’m editing the newsletter from home, fielding the occasional intake question, ruminating over bigger issues with Meridith over lunch, breastfeeding hourly,

A Photo Shoot

Last month, on a warm December day, Lydia’s House was treated once again to a photo shoot by Juli, of Julianna Boehm photography. The current guests were able to get photos with their children, and we got a few group shots, too. Everyone loved their photos, and we are grateful to Juli for providing them. Here are a few of them: