Healthy births for two first-time moms, L and D.

S’s beautiful family, sweet new baby, and her new apartment.

T’s healthy new baby, and her new apartment.


L’s safe transition to the Shanklin’s house.

A’s transition to her own apartment through the Welcome Project.

The Affordable Housing Trust Fund, created this year in the city of Cincinnati.

All the generous donors that allowed Lydia’s House to acquire a building & develop affordable apartments.


The great success of the Women for Women event, and the ongoing friendship of the Krzeski Family.

The enrichment provided by our community partners, including Upspring Summer 360, Camp Joy, Procter Camp, and the Wuests.

The safe travel of the community to the Women’s March on Washington, the Ohio Valley Catholic Worker Retreat, and the Wild Goose Festival.

Committed volunteers old & new: Ana, Lou, Janet, Sally, Jeannie, Ann Hamill, Jenn Jenny & Maria, Jeanne, and Deborah.

Meridith’s transition to working full-time at Lydia’s House, and for Ben and Laura who have come on part-time.

The wonderful associate years of Deb and Taylor, and the upcoming discernment of Elisa.



J’s graduation from Home Health Aide training, and her new job with Blackstone.

E making a home at Lincoln Scholar House & continuing in her studies.

L’s high school graduation, and the hard work of our first graders K and S.


The election of Norwood’s first black councilwoman, Leslie Stevenson.

Increased representation of women of color at all levels of government.

The bounty of the gardens, and Marykate’s presence in our community as “House Farmer”.

The love, joy, and grace of our life together.