December evenings may be chilly and dark, but Lydia’s House is glowing with holiday cheer. I’ve never heard so many spontaneous outbreaks of caroling! We have been observing the season of advent by praying together, lighting candles, and making holiday crafts.


I bought some pom-poms, raided the craft closet, and opened up many pinterest tabs on my phone. It was ornament-making day! But once the kids got hold of the colored paper and tacky-glue, all plans were abandoned. And, of course, their creations were delightful! They made little books, abstract sculptures, and yarn puffballs.

The children at work.


A fine, funny puff.


This one’s up for a Caldecott medal.


Our sweet, unfussy tree.


The next week was cookie decorating. Alton Brown inspired me to haul the stand mixer out of the basement and bake a platoon of sugar cookies. Some stiff frosting was whipped up, and community member Anne offered up her wide selection of sprinkles for the cause.

The whole crew focused on frosting.


Astoundingly, this 2-year-old decorated more cookies than he ate, and did not get any frosting on himself (though he did make a hill of sprinkles).


The wacky and wonderful final results.










A Christmas star and a Christmas bat.


Thanks, Twinkle-toes!


-Taylor, Associate