Survey the scene: grown-ups, children, Chipotle, presents, desserts of all shapes and sizes. It’s a joyful occasion, when former guests, current guests, volunteers, and staff come together to celebrate.

Behold the joyful melee!


Baby’s first Christmas!



We ate our fill, played games, and gratefully received gifts.

This child was screaming with happiness about the shoes she received, but we couldn’t get a picture of it. Use your imagination!


This Starbucks giftcard will be put to good use by this coffee lover (the adult, not the toddler!).


A sassy play-mat for a juicy baby!


Stayin’ warm in “Frozen” gear!


Then karaoke began. Kaelyn kicked us off with “My Girl”.


Twinkle-Toes sang “Let It Go”, but no one could resist joining in the chorus.


Check out this girl band!


Little Anna-Kay raps, with support from back-up dancers.


We closed the night with a group Cha-Cha-Slide.

Another Christmas party bites the dust; fresh clothes and toys go to their new homes, wrapping paper and plates get cleaned up, and Chipotle leftovers are quickly consumed. We are grateful to Chipotle, for catering. And we are so grateful to all the folks who donated gifts, from Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Norwood, and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Kenwood.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!