In this new world of social distancing and ‘stay at home orders,’ Lydia’s House has reassessed how we can live out and create community. Specifically, we’re discovering new ways to offer positive memories and celebration to our current and former guests.

At Virginia Coffey Place, as a 6 year old tenant’s birthday grew closer, it became clear that his hoped for party could not happen. Though it took a bit of creativity, we worked together with J’s mother to create a memory that he won’t forget anytime soon – a birthday parade! We gathered together folks from the Lydia’s House community, as well as teachers and many of his classmates from Azalea Montessori, to have a parade of about 10 different vehicles. Each car was emblazoned with painted windows, signs, and balloons. Folks shouted birthday greetings (one car even brought a microphone), passed gifts and cupcakes through the car windows, and honked wildly. Meanwhile, J was surprised by the event and ran around in circles in excitement and delight. As the parade closed, we left satisfied that memories were made and this family felt loved and valued.

Happy birthday J! We are so happy that you are part of our lives. May you have a great 6th year of life 🙂