Now that Meridith has moved in and we’ve started decorating and bringing in furniture, Lydia’s House is turning more and more into a home.  We all have been working upstairs, enjoying the dining room table which soon will provide for a community of women and children.  Due to a broken heater and water system, Hilary even stayed the night last night, having the honor of being the first of many women to sleep in one of our rooms.

image (1)


Aside from a microwave which mysteriously will turn on out of its own accord, microwave for 30 seconds, and then turn off, the kitchen is stocked and waiting, ready to feed our soon-to-come guests.


image (2)

It’s so strange to think of Meridith’s space and what it used to look like (check it out in this previous blog).  Now, the attic is bright and welcoming.  Now all we need is our second live-in volunteer!



As each day of work at Lydia’s House comes to an end, we continue to be in awe of all the people behind this incredible transformation.  We still have a little way to go, but we are so thankful for how far we’ve come.