Core Volunteers

We appreciate your interest, but currently have a full volunteer roster. If you would like to respond to our most immediate needs, please donate to our general operations campaign.

Beyond our live-in Associate Volunteers, we rely heavily on outside volunteers, supporters and partners – you!

  • Neighborhood partners are a regular, stable presence in the house, providing additional care of the property as well as a positive presence in the lives of guests. Current partners include Bellarmine Chapel, members and churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, and Vineyard Central Church, and Christ the Savior Holy Spirit Orthodox Church.
  • Lydia’s House draws on the professional and case management services of a number of outside agencies, complementing our pastoral care with the particular resources of local agencies who are skilled at working with women in crisis.
  • Community volunteers come in a spirit of mutuality and solidarity, and possess a desire to share their skills and resources.

Our needs are as many and varied as our volunteers’ gifts and talents. We have folks who make regular commitments to house duty, meal prep, gardening and landscaping, and guest support. Volunteers make a weekly commitment to us, at least one hour per week for at least six months.

Our volunteer positions are listed below:

Meal Angels  

Lydia’s House is intent on providing healthy, well-balanced meals to everyone who lives in the house. This includes 10-15 adults and children as well as you and your family if you choose to eat with us.  As a meal angel you would be responsible for providing dinner, either delivering the meal already prepared or cooking in the Lydia’s House kitchen. Lydia’s House will typically have some food available including rice, pasta, meats, and produce. If you would like to use the food here instead of purchasing your own feel free to call and see what’s here! Dinner cooking opportunities are available Sunday through Thursday, and once you schedule your date an email will be sent to you with details, any allergies present in the house, and sample recipes. If you are interested, please contact to see which days are available.

House Duty

Lydia’s House on a typical afternoon can be a hive of activity: kids playing in the yard, meals being prepared, donations arriving, volunteers working in the garden, and so forth. Regular activities for a volunteer on house duty include answering the door and phone, sorting donations and the mail, light housework, and simply being present.  For four hours (10-2 or 2-6) each day you can help us by tending to these many, many goings-on!


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Photo courtesy of Mandy McLaughlin