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Beyond our Core and Associate Volunteers, we rely heavily on outside volunteers and supporters – you!  Our needs are as many and varied as your gifts and talents. We need folks to make regular commitments to house duty, meal prep, gardening and landscaping, and guest support. We ask that volunteers (excepting those that bring meals) be able to make a weekly commitment to us, at least one hour per week for at least six months. Regular volunteers add stability to the lives of our guests!


If you are interested in volunteering, please download and submit the  Volunteer Sign Up Sheet to Lydia’s House, PO Box 128808. Cincinnati, OH 45212.  Alternately, you can fill out the online form below or send an e-mail to volunteer@stlydiashouse.org.  Various volunteer positions available are listed below.

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Volunteer Duty Descriptions

Meal Angels  We typically have outside volunteers bring a meal to share on Sundays and Mondays.  Because of space limitations, we ask that no more than 3 people serve in this capacity, with rare exception.  If you are interested, please contact volunteer@stlydiashouse.org to see which days are available.

House Duty  To specifically sign up for House Duty, follow this link to Volunteer Spot.

(You must have attended our volunteer orientation to sign up for House Duty).

Celebrations and Holidays

Continuing Education

Opportunities for families


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Transportation/AccompanimentMeal AngelsHouse DutyChildcareSpecial Events CoordinatorsGardening and YardworkBread and Roses VolunteerContinuing Education InstructorTutor

If you are signing up to be a Bread and Roses Volunteer, a Continuing Education Instructor, or a Tutor, what skill, subject, or discipline would you like to teach?

Anything else you would like us to know?

Once we receive your sign-up form, we will contact you with next steps!

If you would like to respond to our most immediate needs, please donate to our general operations campaign.

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