Feast of St. Lydia Worship Service

On Sunday January 26 our community celebrated our 3rd annual Feast of St. Lydia with an Episcopal Mass. This was the first year we celebrated this feast at Lydia’s House, choosing a more intimate gathering of around 40 beloved friends and supporters. The Mass included songs lead by Lydia’s House Pastoral Associate Grace Marshall and Floral House member Brianna Kelly and we were excited to welcome Dean Gail Greenwell from Christ Cathedral of Cincinnati to preside over the Mass. Dean Greenwell offered a homily reflecting on the hospitality of St. Lydia. She recognized that though not much is recounted on St. Lydia

Fannie Lou Hamer

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Lydia’s House was lucky to be able to attend a telling of “The Fannie Lou Hamer Story: A Struggle for Human Dignity and Freedom” at Bellarmine Chapel on Xavier University’s campus. A riveting performance by Mzuri Aimbaye was the highlight of the evening. Touchingly emotional, Aimbaye presented the humanity of Hamer through stories of struggle, injustice, and love. She brought to life the activist’s favorite gospel songs and engaged the audience, encouraging us to join in. Most impressively, she tied the injustices of Hamer’s life to the issues plaguing the black community today, and

Volunteer Spotlight: Jill Stoxen

Jill, along with her family, has been an integral part of the Lydia’s House community since its conception. The Stoxens have been faithful attendees at almost every Sunday dinner and worship service, the only exception being the Feast of St. Lydia in 2014. Jill debated coming to this event, but ultimately the labor leading up to the birth of her third child took precedence. Jill manages to spend time with us around a busy schedule of parenting three children and being very involved at Vineyard Central church, where her husband, Josh, shepherds the community. She coordinates children’s and women’s ministries