Jill, along with her family, has been an integral part of the Lydia’s House community since its conception. The Stoxens have been faithful attendees at almost every Sunday dinner and worship service, the only exception being the Feast of St. Lydia in 2014. Jill debated coming to this event, but ultimately the labor leading up to the birth of her third child took precedence.


Jill manages to spend time with us around a busy schedule of parenting three children and being very involved at Vineyard Central church, where her husband, Josh, shepherds the community. She coordinates children’s and women’s ministries and they consistently collaborate with organizations, families, and individuals in Norwood to practice being good neighbors. And they still have time to sit down to a weekly meal with us!


What we love about Jill:

-She never ceases to quietly attract resources to Lydia’s House, spreading the mission to friends and family across the country. The extended Stoxen family, even those we haven’t met, have become dedicated supporters and donors!

-Jill doesn’t shy away from administrative duties, getting her hands dirty, or gathering the attention of a room full of guests.

-Her homemade bread is delicious.

-Her concern for guests goes above and beyond; her prayers and listening skills illustrate genuine care.

-As a member of the Board, Jill is actively involved in the future of Lydia’s House, and never fails to take meticulous minutes.

– Jill, Josh, and their children bring joy to our home, and they are definitively extended family of Lydia’s House.

THANK YOU, Stoxen family for all that you do!