On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Lydia’s House was lucky to be able to attend a telling of “The Fannie Lou Hamer Story: A Struggle for Human Dignity and Freedom” at Bellarmine Chapel on Xavier University’s campus. A riveting performance by Mzuri Aimbaye was the highlight of the evening. Touchingly emotional, Aimbaye presented the humanity of Hamer through stories of struggle, injustice, and love. She brought to life the activist’s favorite gospel songs and engaged the audience, encouraging us to join in. Most impressively, she tied the injustices of Hamer’s life to the issues plaguing the black community today, and called for action on the part of everyone to end the oppression. Aimbaye reminded us how important it is to take advantage of the victories of those before us, especially prompting us to remember that voting is a right that was hard won for black people by dedicated individuals like Hamer.


Courtesy: Civil Rights Documentation Project Verticle File
Moorland-Spingarn Research Center. Howard University

We at Lydia’s House honor Fannie Lou, MLK, and the men and women alive today who call for justice. Their work is to help build a better future for us all. We know that we can touch lives directly through our work at Lydia’s House, but it would be nothing without the courage of those who non-violently protest the structures that continue to oppress the women and children that come through our doors. Thank you!