In July 2021, we purchased the vacant lot next to the Lydia’s House shelter. In doing so, we started a year long process of clearing out the empty lot and preparing to expand the backyard space behind the shelter.

On the first of many Saturday morning yard days, the Bellarmine Youth Group came and helped us take out the chain link fence along the left side of the shelter.

The Bellarmine Youth Group came four times, over the Summer/Fall of 2021, and made excellent progress preparing the yard, including, prepping the garage for a fresh coat of paint.

During the Winter months, we took a break from our monthly yard days. As soon as it warmed up outside, we jumped back into the swing of things. We did some much needed Spring cleaning in our garages, finally broke down the concrete slab behind the playset, removed the remaining chain link fence posts, and donated items to Baby Bear and the Pregnancy Center. Thank you to the Jesuit Spiritual Center for sending students to help us during their Summer retreat.

By the end of this Summer, the yard is finally “lawnmower safe” and the weeds, old wooden fence, and shrubs have been cleared out. Once the shelter expansion is complete (hopefully to begin in 2023), we will put up a new fence around the shelter, to keep our kids safe, and install a new playset.

We would like to recognize Dennis & Georgia Bishop for helping maintain the front yard and the back yard at the shelter. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication! Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the final stages of transforming our back yard and creating a beautiful new, larger space for all of our Lydia’s House families and guests to enjoy.