Here at Lydia’s House, we have so many occasions to feel blessed.  From the many hands that renovated our house over God knows how many strenuous hours, to the cooks who bring nourishing meals once a week, to those who help with house duty and practically any other way they can.  We’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else with such a deeply committed community.

Our Birthday Bash June 1st was no exception.

2014-06-01 18.44.19


The Birthday Girls!

2014-06-01 18.38.33

Some of the decorations put up by our guest

Two members of our Lydia’s House community celebrated birthdays last Sunday, and we could not believe the tremendous amount of love and effort that went into such a wonderful evening.  One of our volunteers, Taffany, and her children cooked a Mexican feast for us full of enchiladas, tortillas, tacos, rice, fruit salad, and even a traditional Mexican drink so sweet we wouldn’t let the children have too much of it.

2014-06-01 18.38.42


The aftermath of the delicious feast. And this was only a fraction of the food!

So many of our friends came to celebrate with us.  We filled our bellies on the wonderful meal, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and basked in the glow of the dear community around us.

2014-06-01 18.39.30Could anyone ask for a better community?

2014-06-01 19.34.59

Getting the cake ready

2014-06-01 19.34.30

In the end, the day represented everything we feel blessed by: the tremendous generosity of others, friendly faces and warm hearts surrounding us, and a feeling of home. And really, these are all the things we hope Lydia’s House can be for the women and children who come to stay with us.