Fellowship & Internship Opportunities with Lydia’s House

We’re Hiring! Lydia’s House is excited to open hiring for the second class of “Fellows” for our Dorothy Day Fellowship Program. The 2023-2025 applicants can choose from four positions, each with a unique focus: “Community Ministry” Fellow “Maternal and Family Health” Fellow “Non-Profit Leadership” Fellow “Early Childhood Education” Fellow Every position will include mentoring in the work of Lydia’s House and in the fight against family poverty and homelessness, and all positions share the work of maintaining and staffing the shelter. The positions will each have a duration of 24 months, include a living suite and a generous compensation package

Monica’s Story

My name is Monica and my daughter’s name is Olivia*. Our homelessness journey started well before becoming a part of Lydia’s House. In 2019 I decided to move back in with my family, specifically my grandparents, to get help with Olivia while I went back to school. In my head this was a great idea, but Lord knows I wasn’t expecting the whirlpool of changes ahead of us. My time with my grandparents ended pretty quickly. We did a lot of house-hopping over the next few years, as we moved from my grandparents’ house to a friend of mine’s house

For the love of women, upon the backbone of community

By: Jaime Misky   I am certain that I am a very lucky human. To be here, the chances are incalculable. We possess this unique gift, this incredibly rare and truly slim chance of coexistence. How beautiful that is. How powerful, how utterly earth-shattering. It is groundbreaking to know one another and be in community as we are. It is a true honor, to know each of you and exist in your resilient, revolutionary energies. Four years of intentional community, rooted in love and authenticity, have intertwined my path with the lives of humans of Norwood, astounding beyond words. A

Sabbatical at Sunset

by Mary Ellen Mitchell, Lydia’s House Co Director Mary Ellen just completed a 5 month sabbatical and returned to work at Lydia’s House Jan 2. Here’s her final reflection on the time away. It’s, effectively, the last night of this sabbatical. Sam and I leave Mexico tomorrow, and I’ll start back into Lydia’s House rotations January 2. To end this time our family took a walk on the beach, to watch the sunset. We did so in gratitude, first for the many people who hold the work we do at home so we can be here, and also for God,

Sacred Birth

By: Lyric Morris-Latchaw It is so surreal to finally be able to say that after nearly 4 years of drawing and planning, countless city council meetings, hours of community engagement sessions and volunteer painting, this beauty is finally completed and in the world. This mural means more to me than any other I’ve ever painted, for so many reasons. First, it is right around the corner from my home. It was such a joy to be painting for MY people in MY neighborhood; heartfelt thanks to all of the neighbors and friends who came by to say hello, bring snacks