The end of Lent and beginning of Easter has been a busy time at Lydia’s House! We have continually been taking calls and doing interviews for new guests. Just before Easter, we welcomed a new guest and her five year old daughter. The new guest is expecting a baby boy in May. This time last month, the volunteers were fortunate to spend a few days each on a silent retreat organized by the Center Within, at the Transfiguration Spirituality Center in Glendale. It was a good time of prayer and reflection for all of us, especially for this time of year!

On Palm Sunday, we hosted our monthly worship and potluck. Anne led the kids in reading the Gospel story of Jesus entering Jerusalem. We were all given palms to wave, and the kids got to re-enact the scene, taking a part as Jesus, or the inn keeper, or the crowds. They received cloaks to lay down, and one rode the (inflatable) donkey..(that’s what’s in the laundry basket below!).

Then, the Saturday before Easter, we were invited by Rick to his neighborhood’s annual Easter egg hunt. It was a fun time for all ages. Annie even won the “golden egg” that had a special prize inside!

On Easter Sunday, we had a dinner at the house – with many different dishes, made by volunteers, or donated and dropped off to us.

And finally, we had two birthday celebrations, for Stephanie and Anne. They received birthday badges with corresponding haikus – the Lydia’s House birthday tradition! The celebration also included, of course, delicious cake for all!