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Saturday’s work day at the house seemed, well, much louder than usual.  This probably was a result of the increased number of volunteers this week: in addition to our regular crew of volunteers, Lydia’s House welcomed members of the Floral House intentional living community, who came to dedicate their day to helping out with the renovation.  While dry wall was put up inside the house, the Floral House volunteers cleaned out the garage, sorted through furniture donations, painted cabinets, and brought new donations to the house.  It was definitely a blessing to have the volunteers there to help clean out and organize the garage, leaving space now for new donations we hope to receive in the future.


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While several of the volunteers had never actually visited the house before, their eagerness to participate, as well as their belief in Lydia’s House’s mission, was not only present but contagious.  From fixing tools to lifting heavy furniture or sorting beams of wood, the members of the Floral House exuded the joy of serving others which we at Lydia’s House so strongly promote.

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At the end of the day, not only did the volunteers feel more connected with each other, but also with the Lydia’s House purpose and its community.   To some it may have seemed like just another work day, but in many ways we’re one step closer to making the mission of Lydia’s House become reality.