This past Thursday, the Lydia’s House community (core volunteers, current and past guests, friends, and board members) attended a presentation by Greg Boyle at Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel.  We were inspired by his call to compassion and particularly moved by his challenge to enter into kinship with others.  As he said, service is just the entryway into the grand ballroom, and the grand ballroom is a place where everyone belongs and everyone matters to one another.  He put words to so much of who we strive to be together.  Our time with him was especially meaningful since our community read his book, Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion.  Yes, we are grateful for his inspiration and his wisdom, while we also question whether it is truly all joyful for him, as he ended by saying.  The work he does is hard.  The work we do is hard.  There is joy, yes, but there is also deep sorrow.  During a time of transition in the house as guests both leave and arrive, please keep Lydia’s House in your prayers that we may create a place of true kinship when we all need it most.