On the last day of the month, here are a few photos of some house happenings in May!

We had a Mother’s Day service to celebrate the many mothers in our community. With former guests and volunteers, and lots of kids, it was like a Lydia’s House reunion! Meridith did a reflection for the prayer service, and all the kids gave their mothers flowers. After dinner, we even managed to get everyone attending on the front porch for a group photo.





This May we also got together and planned a house outing. After a few months without one, we wanted to do something different – and that was go to the Universoul Circus! For some of us, it was the first time at a circus. This is one included acrobats, clowns, magicians (who made tigers appear in cages suspended in the air), lots of music and dancing, among other things…with the “wheel of death” to round it out. A good time was had by all.

Photo May 12, 8 34 38 PM

This month we also continued our tradition of celebrating minor holidays – Victoria Day. You don’t know what that is? We didn’t, either. Our current wall calendar lists all sorts of holidays, and Victoria Day, a Canadian holiday, was one of them. Since we have a Canadian living with at Lydia’s House, we figured – why not make up our own version of Victoria Day, and surprise her? Our version included Canadian songs (the national anthem, God Save the Queen), a poem about Canadian coins (called “Canada In My Pocket),” a Canadian dish (ketchup cake, which was surprisingly decent), Canadian decorations (coloring pages), and general silliness.


And, last but not least – on May 25th, at 12:57am, baby L came into the world. The newest resident of Lydia’s House and his mom are doing well!

baby liam