We are excited about our partnership with Xavier University and Bellarmine Chapel. We have been very fortunate to receive amazing volunteers during this COVID pandemic. Through Xavier University’s Community Engaged Fellowship with the Eigel Center, the Fellowship was established to reward incoming freshmen who excelled in service and chose engagement as part of their undergraduate experience. Recipients of the scholarship are required to perform ten hours of service each week during the course of their college careers while serving as role models for other students and promoting Jesuit ideals on campus. Annabella Collins and Jaime Misky are both Eigel Fellows and have been volunteering with Lydia’s House making sure that our shelter remains clean, sanitized, and well-kept, inside and outside. Thank you, ladies, for all you do! We love having you here at Lydia’s House!

This Summer, we were fortunate to have a summer intern, Samantha Mossing, from Xavier University. We were very grateful to have Sam living in-house during the Summer, assisting with taking clients to appointments, cooking dinner, babysitting when needed, and assisting staff with administrative tasks! Although Sam is back at school for the year, she continues to serve as a meal cook, once a month for our guests. Thank you, Sam, for your continued support at Lydia’s House! We love seeing you!

On Saturday, September 11th, we had a great group of middle school and high school students from Bellarmine Chapel assist with our yard clean up day at our new empty lot next to the shelter. Thank you to Robby Francis for organizing this work day with us. For three hours, Robby, our lead yard work volunteer, Mrs. Carol Carlin, and students worked tirelessly to make this yard look great. We look forward to having you back on Saturday, October 9th! Thank you for your hard work and support at Lydia’s House!