So far this summer, there have been several celebrations at Lydia’s House – multiple birthdays, as well as celebrations marking important milestones. We were thrilled to ring bells and offer affirmations of belovedness, recovery and moving forward.


Of course, the celebrations meant the awarding of badges, including one with a Harry Potter theme. Our long term guest hit age 22 with a bang and we gave her the honor of “prefect” for all the ways she’s helped other guests learn the ropes around here. We also celebrated Sam Eilerman’s 4th birthday with carrot cake delivered from our local farmers, Erin and Robert Lockridge, and a merit badge dedicated to his pillow, “dirty white.”




With three babies at the house, everyone is getting a chance to hold a baby. It’s a baby boy extravaganza. We’re grateful for many people who’ve dropped off clothes, The XU Lab school for a huge diaper drive, and all the extra work that Kristi and Stephanie have done on the babysitting front.



One is about to walk, any day now…




And we have gotten in some outings, including a July 4th trip to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. We were pleased to see a copy of The Emancipation Proclamation, guide the children through the slave cabin, and have good conversations about those that worked for freedom in our region. It seems like a fitting way to celebrate Independence Day! We finished the day with a ride on the Cincinnati themed carousel at Smale park.