We were very excited to have the opportunity to return to Procter for Family Camp this summer! We traveled up to London, OH together and geared ourselves up for a few days of fun and time spent together. It was a very busy camp this year and it was great to see familiar faces of folks we have come to know over the years of coming to camp.

Annual Group Shot

On the first night of camp, we were greeted with a shaving cream whiffle ball game where all families gathered to take a whack at softly pitched whiffle balls filled with shaving cream. It caused a huge uproar of delight when the batter made good contact and shaving cream spewed in every direction. Everyone cheered as the batting team members made continual circles around the bases until everyone had a chance to bat. Needless to say, competition was not high, but the hilarity definitely was.

The following days of camp offered many activities like swimming in the pool, canoeing, swimming in the lake, arts and crafts, tie dye, dancing, Ga Ga Ball, and relaxing in the hammock village.

Singing and Dancing during Chapel Time

Procter has a lot of great times to offer, but one of our favorite times is definitely going to the chapel and singing and dancing together with favorite camp classics, such as Jesus Loves Me (Procter Style) and Love the Lord. We reflected on the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son as well as Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.

Together at the dinner table

Lydia’s House made a good showing in Procter’s Annual Variety Show. Sam led the show with a few mysterious magic tricks and Janell performed a song for all to enjoy. An unexpected contribution came from Aniylah, who decided she wanted to join a few dance numbers in the middle of their performances. She did a great job picking up the dance moves from ballet to hip-hop.

Shardey and Sage

Many evenings were spent lingering at a camp fire and singing more songs together. The evening sunlight was a great beauty to behold in the wide open spaces of camp. We are grateful for all the moments and laughs shared and all the memories made. Thank you to Procter and all the other families for making another summer Family Camp great! We’re already looking forward to next year!