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Anne Housholder is a Lydia’s House gem. She is present to the guests through House Duty, generous contributions of items sorely needed, and by consistently participating in community dinners and celebrations. Indeed it is a rare week in which Anne has only been around once!

We are constantly amazed by the gifts Anne possesses and is gracious enough to share with us. Her creative artistic talent has led way to “crafternoons,” in which Anne spearheads craft projects to help beautify the house. We are also grateful for the beautiful merit badges she has made which celebrate the accomplishments of house members. We also can’t forget her chocolate mousse, which has been specially requested on multiple occasions. If “beauty will save the world,” (Dostoevsky/Dorothy Day) Anne is our hero!

Anne is a wonderful listener, which reflects the respect and compassion she has for each member of the community. You can’t help but end a conversation with Anne in better spirits than when you started. The ease with which she has become an integral member of the house has been such a blessing for all of us. We can’t wait to continue to celebrate, craft, cook, and grow in faith with our friend Anne!

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