Not a week goes by here at Lydia’s House that we don’t see our friend, supporter, board member, and volunteer Rick Boydston.  Alright, who are we kidding?  Hardly a day goes by.  Rick has been here since the beginning, back in the spring of 2012.  When this white house and all it stands for was no more than a crazy idea shared between Mary Ellen and Meridith, Rick said yes to being a board member and yes to this vision of simple hospitality.  I don’t think it’s overstating it to say that Lydia’s House would not exist without the sometimes ordinary  and regular efforts of this extraordinary man.  Saying thanks just isn’t enough.

I suppose I could list all that Rick does for the guests and core volunteers, but the better way to put it is to explain what he doesn’t do.  He doesn’t even ask whether we need the lawn mowed each week – it’s simply done.  He doesn’t get scared off by an abandoned backyard filled with poison ivy.  Instead, he puts on his gear and gets to pulling.  He doesn’t hesitate to drop off fresh kale, okra, and arugula from his garden, and thank goodness he doesn’t mind staying for dinner to help us eat it all.  He never misses monthly worship, and he never is too busy to read books to Annie and Sam or anyone else.


As a successful practicing attorney, he provides Lydia’s House legal counsel, as well as much-needed wisdom in the day-to-day.  He has accompanied guests to court, joined them for birthdays, and checked in on them if they’ve had a hard week.  We have called Rick at all hours with the most ridiculous questions, and his support has been unwavering through it all.  He opens his home up for board meetings and his heart up to each guest who walks through our doors.

As I write this post, it is the week of his birthday, which is just one more reason to pray for him with gratitude for all he’s done and for all he is to the Lydia’s House community.  Thank you, Rick, for reminding us through your work that this house is way beyond any one of us.  It is the work of many hands, not the least of which are yours.