Please join us for our House Dedication of the Jean Donovan House May 31 from 5 – 7 pm at 2005 Mills Ave. This includes a potluck, so bring a dish to share as we enjoy the bounty of spring and celebrate this next chapter of life at Lydia’s House.

And meet the woman behind the success of the Jean Donovan House renovation, Sandra Kelley!

Jean Donovan House photo

Sandra has been a faithful volunteer since before Lydia’s House opened its doors to guests last year. She and her husband Cameron put countless hours into the renovation of that house, and their professional expertise is unparalleled! Everything from HVAC to painting could not have been accomplished without them. And they continue to provide assistance with house maintenance as issues, such as a flooded basement, arise.

We also value the presence of the Kelley family at house celebrations. It’s always nice to see them in clothes that aren’t dusty from renovation. Sandra, Cameron, Caroline, and Clara bring so much joy to our home!


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It has been pure gift that Sandra has been our project manager during the current renovations, generously sharing her many talents free of charge. Like Jean Donovan, she too left her day-job as an Engineer at GM to intentionally choose a life that allows her to serve others fully. Her faith is always about putting the hammer to the nail and building something meaningful – literally. Over the past 5 months, she has worked with electricians, general contractors, plumbers, city officials, and the list goes on. Often, a live-in volunteer will head over to the Jean Donovan House to put in some work hours only to find that Sandra is already there, sanding the walls, measuring door frames, or putting on that final coat of paint. Her service is humble, consistent, and extremely skilled. Her expertise in home renovation and her attention to detail now shows in each and every room. Without her, the Jean Donovan House would not exist. Thank you Sandra for all you do and for who you are! We are forever grateful.