It takes many people all along the way to make Lydia’s House a welcoming home for women and children in crisis and transition, and we are grateful for all those who take a part.  Some of these volunteers we especially appreciate are Dennis and Georgia Bishop.

Georgia Bishop

Dennis and Georgia Bishop have been the power couple of Lydia’s House building and maintenance needs. From the early days of the house renovation, they faithfully worked every Saturday, taking on jobs like framing, tiling and painting. Since we’ve opened, they’ve continued to work with us, coming at least monthly to do work on our main house. They also played an integral role in the renovation of the Jean Donovan House. There is really no job too big or too small for the Bishops, and their attention to detail shows in almost every room of both of our houses. One thing we love about the Bishops is that they never leave a job 1/2 done, and do every job at Lydia’s House as if it were their own home. Sometimes they literally agonize over a crooked piece of trim or a misplaced piece of tile, and once they told us (something like )”If this is the Lord’s house, we should make it excellent.”  They also organize our storage spaces, and have organized our garages and both of our basements. They often run out and get extra materials at their own expense. They’ve even cleaned and repaired our messiest guest rooms after a move out.

It’s fair to say Lydia’s House wouldn’t be the same, or maybe even complete, without them. We’re so grateful we’ve crossed paths with Dennis and Georgia.

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