Mardi Gras, translated as: “Fat Tuesday”, is a celebration to enjoy all rich, fatty foods before the lent fasting season. So on Sunday February 23, Lydia’s House family and friends gathered together for this historic celebration.

Food and drinks covered the tables, pizza, fresh veggies, and even green frosted brownies, a real feast. Everyone just milled around reconnecting with those they hadn’t seen in a while or those they had. Or danced to Will Smith’s “Getting Jiggy Wit’ It”. Others got in line at the photo booth to get their pictures taken. Still others raced around the room after children. There was so much joy and laughter.

As the evening progressed we all turned our attention to the table covered with gifts. As ticket numbers were called out, beaming faces went up to receive their rewards, cleaning baskets, gift cards and puzzles.

Ellisia receiving a puzzle

We then moved our attention to yet another gift presentation. On the table were four silver crowns. During the course of the evening four people were selected to win a crown. From the best dancer to the most elaborate costume. The lucky participants were awarded their silver crowns as the dancing continued.

winners of the silver crowns

As the celebration began to come to a close we all gathered together to take a Lydia’s House family photo and to end our wonderful celebration. The lent season of 2020 had begun. Surrounded by family and friends, fun and fellowship, It couldn’t have been more wonderful.