The past few weeks have been a big time of transition at Lydia’s House. Three guests were able to transition into independent housing, getting their own apartments! This meant a few more mid-winter celebrations than usual. In each guest’s celebration, merit badges were awarded. We also take the opportunity to share wishes and hopes for the future for each guest, and do a group prayer of send-off.

The guests were able to get their new apartments fully furnished, thanks to a new partnership we have with New Life Furniture. It made the transitions easier and all the more exciting!

In the middle of winter, we could always use some reasons to celebrate – so we figured Groundhog’s Day was a good enough reason! A main feature was eating an elaborate Groundhog’s Day cake designed by Anne. We played some board games, and set “Groundhog’s Day intentions, ” which could be either late revisions of New Year’s resolutions, or preparation for Lent, depending on how you see it!

It’s been good to have so many reasons to celebrate, and good to have so many people with celebrate with!