Lydia’s House was founded in the Catholic Worker tradition and draws continued inspiration from the co-founders of that movement, Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, as well as other Catholic Worker communities around the country.  For example, Meridith and Mary Ellen first were drawn to this work of hospitality at the Open Door Catholic Worker in Atlanta, Georgia.  Today, the movement is diverse, wide-reaching, and varied in the implementation of its vision.  To learn more, take the quiz below – answers are forthcoming!


Catholic Worker Quiz

1. What’s the guiding scripture for Catholic Workers

a) John 3.16 b) Revelation, all of it c) Matthew 25

2. Which is not a work of mercy a) feeding the hungry b) visiting the sick c) clothing the naked d)

shaming the weird


3. Dorothy Day was deeply critical of _____________ A) dog ownership b) ice cream eating c)

charity as a means of concealing and thus perpetuating injustices.

4. Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin championed _________________ which they defined as the

practice of caring for the poor at a personal sacrifice. A) constitutionalism b)pragmatism c)


5. Which of the following could be a Catholic Worker House a) a home that provides short term

lodging and meals for family members when they come to visit a relative on death row b) a

multi million dollar operation that has several transitional homes, daily mass and a newspaper

that circulates to 50,000 c) a single family home with a Christ room that welcomes one homeless

person at a time d) all of the above



6. The peculiar unifying genius of the Catholic Worker Movement lies in the fact that everyone can

practice a) works of mercy b) hula hooping c) unicycle riding

7. By embracing the poverty of simplicity Day and Maurin believed people could create a world in

which no one would be a)sun burned b) destitute c)bored

8. Day had a vivid sense of the liturgy’s capacity to ______________ the social order. a)confuse b)

transform c)reinforce

9. Catholic Workers have been deeply involved in a number of social movements and church

reform initiatives including a) calling for women’s ordination b) calling for an end to war c)

calling for full inclusion of Gays and Lesbians d) all of the above

10. Michael Boxter said “The Catholic Worker is a not a liberal movement, it is a

___________movement. Radicals say “The homeless aren’t being fed. Let’s feed them.” a)

hysterical b)improvisational c) radical

11. Dorothy Day advocated for the _____________ way and urged houses to stay as small as

possible. a) little b) dirty c)disorganized

12. Dorothy Day counseled followers to craft their own communities in response to ____________

needs and she passed on excess donations from the New York Catholic Worker to these

fledgling communities. a)local b)global c)extraterrestrial