This past Saturday, September 27, Maria Krzeski and her family graciously opened their home and their hearts to 70+ women supporters of Lydia’s House.  At the second annual Women for Women event, all those gathered spent time celebrating the work of Lydia’s House, praying for its future, and contributing in small and large ways to this shared work of hospitality.


Sister Rose Ann Fleming offered a beautiful opening prayer, drawing upon the inspiration of St. Lydia and her simple but profound hospitality that she extended to Paul and Silas after her baptism into Christianity.

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The Muse Cincinnati Women’s Choir added beauty and song to our evening, helping us go deeper into prayer for the present and future guests of Lydia’s House.  Thank you Muse!

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Resident Volunteer Elizabeth Coyle spoke of her experience thus far as a live-in volunteer, highlighting the joys and challenges that our guests face.  She invited each participant to allow her heart to expand by letting in the lives of the poor.



We are so very grateful for our many friends and supporters, and we know this work would not be possible without them!

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During this celebration and fundraiser, Lydia’s House raised almost $12,000!  This was our goal as we asked attendees to support us in sustaining the food budget in 2015.  Thanks to these amazing women and their families, the guests and friends of Lydia’s House will be eating healthy, delicious food throughout this next year.  We feel beyond blessed!