Laura Menze is one of our dedicated volunteers who has been involved since the beginning of Lydia’s House. She serves in a wide array of unique ways, and is one of our most thoughtful, intentional supporters. With a full plate as an occupational therapist, we are grateful that Laura is able to take the time to help us stay organized and do the important work of processing donations! She is also a wonderful resource for orienting staff and volunteers on appropriate and meaningful ways of communicating with individuals who have experienced trauma, like some of the guests who come through Lydia’s House. She has given up many Saturdays to assist in orientation for new volunteers in this way.

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What we love about Laura:

Her prayerfulness: She joins members of the Lydia’s House community each morning at morning prayer, while most of the house is still asleep!

Her thoughtfulness: Laura handcrafted a Lydia’s House quilt before Lydia’s House had a house. Since then she’s consistently been able to see what projects would enhance the community. Laura has sewed cloth napkins, folded origami gift boxes, and converted several of us to the wonders of homemade yogurt. She always acts with great care, and we appreciate that her involvement in Lydia’s House is well thought out. We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated friend!

house quilt

Her skillfulness: Laura knows a great deal about a great many things. From side effects of psychotropic drugs to the feasibility of composting pickles, we find ourselves continuously seeking her guidance. Her abilities, knowledge, and follow-through make her a trusted advisor and volunteer.

Her knack of knowing what to say: Laura is quick to remind each of us of our belovedness in God’s eyes, especially when the times are tough. She can simultaneously reassure and strengthen a spirit with her gentle counsel.

Her spirit: Having Laura around the house is a blessing. Her joy, her passion, and her love always shine through. She is a model for all of us to be more kind and patient each day!